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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of some the most frequently asked questions new clients and customers have for us when starting a project. Don’t see your question? Get In Touch With Us!

Roofing Installation, Repair and Replacements

We understand the urgency. Typically, we can be on-site same day or next to assess the damage and start the repairs.

Absolutely! We offer a variety of options and will work with you to choose what’s best for your home. If you want it, we can source it and install it for you.

While each project and situation is different, customers are often surprised at how quickly we can complete a full replacement of their roofs. Tear down and rebuild often can be completed in less than 2 days. Call us to discuss your project and we can give you estimates on both time and costs.

We are proud to be one of the only GAF master elite certified roofing companies in the San Antonio, Austin and Texas Hill Country areas. Our certifications ensure that we meet the high standards required for the quality and craftsmanship of our work.

We pride ourselves on our high customer satisfaction ratings and extensive positive testimonials, reflecting our dedication to quality and reliability. You can read real testimonials and reviews from some of our happy customers on our reviews page.

Solar Panels & Solar Tiles

Both solar tiles and panels offer efficient energy conversion. We will help you evaluate which option aligns best with your energy needs, aesthetic preferences, and budget.

Both have unique benefits. We’d be happy to discuss the advantages of each to help you decide.

Certainly. In fact, combining the projects can be efficient and cost-effective.

They do. We stand behind our work and offer warranties to ensure your peace of mind.

While profitability and affordability vary widely and are largely dependent on where you live and your power costs, our team can break down the value and help you run the math on solar panel costs and power costs before you make a decision.

With federal and power company rebates, solar energy solutions are still a great deal for many homeowners when installed correctly by certified installers.

New Construction

We prioritize effective planning and strive to adhere to our timelines, ensuring projects are completed as scheduled.

It’s your project! While changes can affect time and cost, we’re here to accommodate and adapt to meet your needs.

Of course! We have many clients who’d be willing to share their experiences. We also have a full page of reviews on our website, as well as a ton of 5 star reviews on Google and with the Better Business Bureau.


We can do it all – inside and out, from kitchens to living spaces. Let us know your vision, and we’ll help bring it to life.

Not necessarily. We work around your living arrangements to minimize disruptions and try to help keep your daily routines as much as possible.

Mitigation (Leaks, Floods, Mold, etc.)

We always prioritize active catastrophe or project where damage is still occurring. We are usually able to respond same day – please call us as early as possible so we can plan a quick response to minimize risks of a bad situation turning worse.

Mold can be fast, often appearing within 48 hours. If there’s floodwater present, bacteria and other germs in the water can cause problems even faster. The faster we begin to mitigate the damage the less chance it has to spread.

Yes. We’re fully certified to handle and remedy leaks, mold, and other related issues.

Restoration from Mitigation

Certainly. Restoration can be an opportune time to consider upgrades. Let’s talk about what you want to upgrade and put together a plan and budget to build back better. 

Definitely. We specialize in putting things back the way they were before the damage, making new restorations blend seamlessly with existing structures.

Dealing With Insurance - Claims & Negotiations

No problem – most folks don’t file insurance claims and are often unsure where to start. We’ll guide you through the entire insurance process, helping to clarify and make things simple and easy to understand.

We work closely with insurance companies to maximize your coverage. While each policy differs, we’ll put together an estimate and damage reports that are thorough and clear to help you get the most comprehensive coverage possible.

We’ve got decades of experience playing this game! We are a 3rd generation company and have dealt with thousands of claims and hundreds of different insurance companies. We know how to navigate an often confusing process.