Residential Roofing in San Antonio, TX

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Don't Risk Your Home Because of a Worn-Out Roof

Your roofing system was designed to last a long time. But it won't last forever. By scheduling a roof replacement before your roof falls apart, you can keep your home protected and avoid potential problems.

You can call on Boling Construction Company for residential and commercial roof replacement services in the San Antonio, TX area. We'll take care of everything from removing your old roof to installing a new, high-quality roofing system you can trust. Make an appointment today by calling us at 210-364-9289.

Is it time for a replacement?

If you're on the fence about a roof replacement, our experienced roofer can take a look and explain your options. You can also look out for these signs that your roof is wearing out:

  • Missing shingles or loss of shingle granules
  • Leaks or improper drainage anywhere in your roofing system
  • Rust on the panels or penetrations of your metal roofing system
  • Algae, mold or mildew covering your roof
It's also smart to think about a replacement if your roof is more than 20 years old. Turn to Boling Construction Company when the time comes for roof replacement services and rest assured that you'll end up with a reliable roof.